3D Scanning Spray

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3D Scanning Spray is used to treat the surface of parts before 3D scanning. Older methods would leave hard-to-clean residues. ATTBLIME developed a new generation sublimating scanning spray that does not leave residue, and as opposed to other scanning sprays available, does not contain titanium dioxide (TiO2), n-hexane or adamantine.

Spray head change system

The spray cans are equipped with a unique SHC system (spray head change system), which allows controlling the film thicknesses and sublimation times.

  • Round spray head for high definition details and shorter sublimation times
  • Wide spray head for large area applications and longer sublimation times
  • Extended tube spray head for hard to reach areas and high resolution details



The raw material cyclododecane (CDC) contained in the sublimating scanning sprays does not bioaccumulate in water organisms and is therefore absolutely harmless for humans and for our environment.

Due to its composition, CDC is much more economical than alternative products and does not require labelling according to the GHS “Globally Harmonised System”.

According to SGS Institut Fresenius, no cyclododecane could be detected 24 hours after an application of AB2 or AB6 and 96 hours after an application of AB24. Visible contamination is no longer present.

The pigments contained in the permanent scanning spray ABP are based on renewable natural raw materials.
The versions ATTBLIME AB2, AB6 and ABP are also available in container form.

The 1,000 ml reusable containers can be returned to us free of charge and refilled by us. This reduces the consumption of cans and important resources even further.

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