eLUXE3D scanners provide jewelers with the ability to integrate physical objects into the digital world. Our scanners feature the latest technological advances in the industry, increasing the efficiency of your processes, getting more done in less time.
Our scanners are the “Last Piece of the Puzzle for Jewelry CAD Designers”. Download a copy of the brochure to keep for yourself!

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Our customers are now more efficient and get more done in less time!


3D Printing

Digital Archiving

Custom-fit Wedding Bands

3D Heirloom Reproduction

Irregular Gem Stone

Reverse Engineering

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How Can Our Scanners Actually Benefit You?

Create Matching Wedding Bands

Use the 3d Scanner to scan surfaces which would be too difficult to measure to use as the starting point for making an object. This technology is perfect to make matching wedding bands.

3D Heirloom Reproduction

Scan an existing piece of jewelry to use as the starting point for creating another piece of jewelry, allowing you to re-engineer an existing piece without taking the other piece apart.

Gemstone Scanning

Stone scanning-large format and unique shapes.
Ensure a quality fit the first time create custom mountings and bezels. Scanning the gemstones allows you capture their unique shape.

Jewelry Design, Repair and So Much MORE!

Complete hard-to-fabricate jewelry repairs by scanning the piece and designing the perfect fitting detail.
Scan objects and scale them in size to save a significant amount of modeling time.
Capturing design intent.
Digital Archiving of jewelry and components.
Communication tool for exchange of design ideas.
Manufacturing QC and process evaluation.

How It Works

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Case Studies

“It’s the previous ‘missing link’ in the Digital Chain of Custody that goes from idea to finished product.”
Paul Hoffner, Operations Manager for Carrera Casting in New York City

Message From The Founder

“We’ve perfected the technology, we’ve developed a software platform that’s fully automated and easy to use. The hardware resolution and accuracy is fully accepted to the jewelry industry. Our continuous efforts have been dedicated to educating the jewelry market, to provide a tool that makes the life of the everyday designer and jewelry manufacturer a little bit easier. This has always been our goal.”
Srdjan Urosev
Founder & CEO

eLUXE3D Training Room

eLUXE3D Training Room offers a host of different videos to demonstrate how to use your scanner, according to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much time does it take to scan a standard engagement ring in each?
An engagement ring would take about 10-12 minutes. Depending on the texture of the physical model, you would need to prep the model with either 3D scan spray or air brush to get the reflectivity off the item being scanned. Scanning, post processing and exporting the STL file would take 8-10 minutes depending on the complexity of the ring and what the designer is trying to accomplish with the STL scan model.
2. Do I have to spray the physical pieces and why?
Some pieces do need to be sprayed with a light washable coat in order to reduce / remove high reflectivity. The technology is camera based, if the object is too reflective, transparent or translucent, the cameras cannot fully see the object. This can cause bad data or no data. We have perfected the use of an airbrush gun with washable paint. With proper technique, the paint adds less than 7 microns (0.007mm) of texture to the object.
3. Does it take longer to scan a more complex piece?
A more complex pieces can take longer. The scanning process is the same, but you will physically orient the model in multiple positions. The scanning software will align all the orientations in a single, final model.
4. What is the largest size piece that can be scanned with the eLUXE3D scanners?
The eLUXE3D Silver 2.0 has a Field of View of 120mm. The eLUXE3D Gold 6.4 has a Field of View of 100mm.
5. How automated is the scanning process?
The scanning process is very automated. The software is fully macro based, meaning a generate short or long macros that move the object in space and collect scans. The platform that the object sits on is a 2 axis platform that has full 360 degree rotation and 135 degree swing.
6. Does the eLUXE3D scanner recognize different parts of the ring? Metal and Stones?
The scanner does not recognize different parts. The STL that is generated will contain all the pieces that it sees. There are tools that allow the user to manually isolate stones from metal. Typically the STL is imported into a CAD software where the user can extract3D and 3D information for rebuilding or reverse engineering the piece of jewelry.
7. Can I edit the STL model that is exported?
The exported file will be an STL or OBJ file. This is a polygonal mesh not a CAD model. There are several ways the mesh file can be used. ZBRUSH has the ability to modify the STL file directly. CAD software like Rhino, Matrix and 3SHAPER have the ability extract features, curves and generate NURBS on top of the STL. Refer to the eLUXE3D video library for examples of how STL data is used once exported.
8. What are system requirements for the eLUXE3D scanners?
9. What are the differences between eLUXE3DGold 6.4 and eLUXE3D silver 2.0?
  • The primary differences between the 2 scanners is the resolution.
  • The scanner resolutions is defined by the distance between points. Think in terms of camera mega pixels. The higher the mega pixel the better the resolution and quality of the image. This is the same concept with the eLUXE3D scanners but in 3D.
  • The Gold 6.4 scanner will scan 6,400,0000 million points per individual scan producing a resolution of 0.029mm (29 microns).
  • The Silver 2.0 scanner will scan 2,000,0000 million points per individual scan producing a resolution of 0.056mm (56 microns).
  • All eLUXE3D scanners have been perfected and developed by keeping the detail-rich jewelry pieces in mind.

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